Kinjal talked to my Mum!

Kinjal had a telephonic conversation with my mum!
Kinjal, 11, is a brilliant student and is very close to me.
Kinjal’s father is fast food vendor and earns suffice for his family. I stay away from home and family, worries Kinjal most of the time. She loves me a lot! 🙂
When I visit her home or community she often shares with me, ” Sir aapki mummy kaha rehtien hai aur aapko yaad nahi aati kya?” but never directly asks for my phone for she ever wishes is to talk to my mum.
I promised Kinjal that the next week when I’ll visit her class the next time (She is a class 5 student in a government school at Gotalawadi) will make her talk to my mum. So I did that! Kinjal had a 6 minute conversation with my mum, this is what she asked back to back 😉
“Aunty, aap kaise ho? Aunty aapne chai piya? Aunty aap yahan aajao hume aapse milna hain! Aap garba karte ho? and it continued.. .”
Innocence at its best!

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