Colors of Imagination

Deepika, 10, is a student of class 5 and studies in a government school.

Deepika is a child who loves to imagine and she wonders if her imagination becomes a reality someday. Hailing from a lower middle class family she often asks her parents to buy her story books and comics for she understands her family’s financial needs. 

But if you have enough wits and smartness then there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and desires. Same is the case with Deepika!

Once, during a weekly intervention I came to know that Deepika enjoys story-telling and has developed amazing skills to interpret and recite with expressions and gestures.


Following this a story-telling and recitation event was organized during which Deepika wrote a story titled “The three best friends.” a few lines from where (have been translated from Gujarati to English) Deepika wrote are shared below to highlight the essence her picture interpretation based story-telling has! the lines are:

“……………Sonu had his left leg fractured but to his fortune, he was blessed with two friends who were an epitome of friendship, Tara and Keshav. They never left him alone and always cared for him. They played together for enjoyment was incomplete if anyone of the them was missing…….”

              Story-Telling (Picture – Story Interpretation )            (Deepika is reading the Story and Himani is holding the Picture for her!)

There are millions of kids like Deepika who need your attention. The way Deepika has come up with the story, it gives me immense happiness as it signifies the efforts of her parents and school, who have given shape to her wings and imparted the morals she posses. And I am sure even Sky is not the limit for her. 

Unfolding Creativity…



2 thoughts on “Colors of Imagination

  1. I am impressed by this girl, Deepika. Very nice imaginative power that too at the age of 10. Nice words of story and the great drawing too. It is because of financial problems, people kill their passion. What if students are taught to follow their passion from the school level! Then the whole world will be filled with creativity.

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