The Story of Salma banu

The Story of Salma Banu, 11 Salma studies in a Government School in class 5 at Sayedpura,pumping,surat. Hailing from a humble background she has always kept quiet in the class and smiles seldom. But you’ll be amazed to know that ever since she has started Origami (the art of paper folding) she has been so expressive […]

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The Story Of Hetvi

The Story of Hetvi, 10. Hetvi studies at a government school in Gotalawadi in class 5. She has developed a keen interest in Mathematics over a period of 4 months and wishes to participate in the IMO. Origami has helped her learn shapes, fractions and has helped her build 3D comprehensions and imaginations. Back at home […]

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When friends meet after a long time, they have a good time!  Mahek and Roshni are two special child but they have a lot to share, its their world of Happiness.    

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YES! I AM HAPPY is making an attempt to foster the skills and share the fascinating art of Origami (The Paper Folding) among the students from age group 7-18 years primarily from humble background and government schools. Initially, we are primarily focused on spreading the art to students in the government schools in Surat and always […]

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